Room on the Broom - Chessington World of Adventures

room on the broom

Discover our new spellbinding adventure, Room on the Broom - A Magical Journey, NEW for 2019! Experience the much-loved children’s story coming to life as you visit the enchanted library, the start of your magical journey...

Chessington World of Adventures invited us to capture ‘The Making of’ their new attraction for 2019 - Room on the Broom.

This was going to be a particularly challenging film to shoot due to the nature of filming while construction is going on. Of course we want to show part of the development, but also not give too much away and also not create an ‘unfinished’ feel which would take away from the magic of the attraction.

We used a range of equipment including mini cams, slow motion cameras, cinema cameras and drones!

Our original brief was to capture just the making of film, but since we captured so much lovely footage we also agreed to put together a shorter TV advert style short and a short film about the live Orchestra that recorded the audio for the attraction.

Dan JamesComment