The Year of The Walking Dead

All of us here at Elevate have been die-hard fans of AMC's The Walking Dead since it first launched back in 2010, hardly missing an episode so when we heard Thorpe Park were going to do 'The Year of the Walking Dead' we were pretty excited to say the least. 

We started working with Thorpe Park in 2015 when we were the first company to officially film a Theme Park by drone in the UK! Since then we've been invited back to get involved in a number of events and this, The Walking Dead is the most exciting for us yet! 

We kicked off The Year of The Walking Dead back in February with our PR stunt of interviewing the walkers (Zombies) on the top of Swarm! Crazy Eh? For this one we did all the filming and editing.


Next up, in March, we put together a couple of little social media teasers that would go out alongside their TV advert for The Walking Dead ride. This was a particularly challenging shoot because the ride wasn't actually finished when it came to filming... The actual roller coaster was in place, but the theming wasn't yet finished. 

We had two rooms that we're 95% finished that we could film in! Choosing the right angles and lighting was key for this one.. We came out with these two short, but sweet teaser videos!


Negan... Played in AMC's The Walking Dead by the awesome Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is one of the most badass likeable villains for a long time. We had the pleasure to meet with Doug aka UK Negan. Doug is one the world's top lookalikes and was chosen as the official lookalike in 2017.

Working with Doug was an absolute pleasure. He's a top bloke and was patient with our filming needs and together we achieved a pretty awesome string of content for The Walking Dead ride. See below! 


The Official launch event for The Walking Dead ride was a blast! We shot this on two Panasonic GH5's and we strapped a GoPro 6 to the front of the ride to get some reactions! 

"Stacey Solomon, Kerry Katona, Craig Revel Horwood, Johnny Vegas, Will Mellor, Professor Green, Fleur East and Hannah Spearitt were amongst the guests to experience The Walking Dead: The Ride at THORPE PARK Resort at the VIP launch event. Here they give their verdict on the new and exclusive attraction for 2018 at the Surrey based theme park."


MidFright! .. Was a chance for people to experience Thorpe Park in the dark, full of the dead! This was an interesting and slightly challenging film for us! Our main editor, Dan was in Spain for a wildlife shoot during the Mid Fright event, so Ron our experienced cameraman shot this himself and transferred the video clips to Dan at around 3am, where Dan picked it up at 4am and did the edit, ready for 9am when the UK started to rise! 


The Living Nightmare Extreme! Brought back to life from 2017, remodeled and enhanced this scare maze was not for the faint hearted. Thorpe Park brought back this scare maze for Half Term only where you were fully immersed in the Walking Dead experience. Again, as massive fans of the show, being shouted at by 'Negan' was pretty intense. The actors were incredible and the whole experience was pretty nuts... 

We were invited to experience the maze and also run through it with the legendary David Haye. Here's what went down... 



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