First Official Drone in a UK Theme Park - Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe Park Resort drone

This article was published on a local online newspaper.

Until now, the rides at THORPE PARK Resort could be seen from one of two perspectives: the observer below, who watches with wicked glee the terrified groups of thrill seekers streaking past in a blur of frantic arms and brightly-coloured t-shirts; the second is that of the thrill seeker herself, whose heart stops with that final click at the pinnacle of the ride as she looks down at all the safe, wickedly glee passerby, thinking that perhaps she shouldn't have been so eager to sit at the front…But today, a unique, high-flying 3D perspective of the Park has been unveiled! 


Elevate, aerial photography film specialists / expert drone handlers, teamed up with Leor Video Productions to capture a once in a life time event at Thorpe Park. After vigorous health and safety planning with the Park’s team, Elevate were given clearance to fly their drone amongst the rides and guests. This event also marked the first time authorised drone pilots in the UK have filmed a theme park on this scale, and the results are visually mesmerising. 


Elevate have captured the graceful complexity of the spiralling rides, namely the main attractions, Stealth, The Swarm and Nemesis Inferno, and have presented them with finesse. ‘We had a short window of time to get the filming we needed captured. We wanted to show Thorpe Park like it's never been seen before, turning these metal structures into something beautiful and exhilarating,’ recalls Daniel James, lead drone pilot at Elevate.


Their work captured the attention of not only the wicked eyes of gleeful observers at the Park during the event, but also hundreds of online viewers. 


If you’re a theme park fan, an aerial enthusiast, about to visit Thorpe Park, or just want to watch something epic, scroll down or click here to watch it.


The filming was recorded outside of the Park’s opening hours. Use of drones at THORPE PARK Resort is not permitted when guests are on site. 

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