The Panasonic AU-EVA1 cinema camera features a 5.7k Super 35mm Sensor, Dual Native ISO, 4k 4:2:2 10bit, RAW recording and is tailor-made for handheld shooting, use on gimbals, shoulder mounted rigs and drones.

The EVA1 cinema camera is well suited for independent filmmaking, documentaries, and music videos as well as a camera B for a bigger production.

The Lumix GH5 was the first camera to feature 4k 60p / 50p ultra high-definition, smooth, video recording without a time limit! We have used this camera for hundreds of shoots and it never lets us down. It’s great for run and gun shooting with its inbuilt stabiliser but also works wonders on a gimbal and drone.

The GH5 is well suited for corporate filmmaking, lower budget commercials and ads and is well suited as a B camera to its big brother the EVA1.

The DJI Osmo Action is the world’s newest additional to mini cams, armed with dual screens, 4k HDR Video (although a small sensor, still produces great quality), waterproof and an internal RockSteady image stabiliser, the Osmo Action is the perfect addition to our kit.

The Osmo Action is well suited for action packed films, first person scenes, travel documentaries and much more.

The Matrice 600 Pro is capable of lifting most cinema cameras such as the Alexa Mini and the RED camera. We can also carry a range of lenses such as Master Prime, Cooke and more. With the larger cameras you can achieve up to 12 minutes of flight time or with a smaller and lighter camera, just under 30 minutes.

This is system ideal for high budget projects such as films and TV but also fantastic for industrial applications! 

The Inspire 2 has set the bar for professional drone filming. The Inspire 2 Capable of flying up to 58mph (94kph), accelerating from 0 to 50mph in just 5 seconds, filming up to 6K CinemaDNG with 24MP stills. The X7 also introduces the DL-Mount, the world's first integrated aerial lens mount that allows switching between four availableprime lenses quickly. For seamless editing, a new DJI Cinema Color System preserves accurate colors for easier post-processing.

This system is ideal for med-high budget projects that require very good quality imagery without the need for a larger camera.

These guys are the babies of the family, this is the famous DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom! (Yes, they can actually sit like that!) able to fit in a backpack, it’s our go to drone for lower budget projects or those seriously hard to reach ones.

Operated by a single operator this system is great if you've spent all your budget on tea & coffees!